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    Are you looking for unbiased in-depth market insights? Deep Knowledge Investing is dedicated to providing conflict-free, well-researched stock ideas.

    Gary Brode is a 30-year Wall Street Hedge Fund veteran turned to the good side. He’s dedicated to providing you with independent and timely market commentary.


    Deep Knowledge Investing is supported by a large, successful, and highly-engaged Board of Advisors who provide expert advice and insights in a variety of fields and industries.

    Gary appears regularly on this podcast so you can check out his insights for yourself and see if Deep Knowledge Investing is right for you. Here's some recent appearances:

    • In this episode Gary talks about taking your time, doing your research, think it through and really make sure you understand the risk that you're taking on.
    • We look at fiat currencies (fiat is a fancy word for the money that we use to buy and sell stuff). In this episode Gary explains how the US dollar right now is the world's reserve currency, and how it has lost 94% of its value since 1800.
    • Silicon Valley Bankcorp failed spectacularly in March 2023. The participants, the regulators and the media formed a circle of blame. In this interview Gary explains "duration risk", how bonds work, and the delicate art of pointing the finger.

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