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Etymology, chariots Miss America 2023 and BFFs as CFAs. Featuring Phil - arguably, 2 Bulls 5th most popular guest!

This episode is a little departure from normal transmission. I was inexplicably invited back to the 2 Bulls in a china shop microphone. I love these guys, they have some great guests apart from me! This is one of their after-dark episodes where we eventually talk about investing.

Kyle Hedman is a self-employed trader, and co-host of the 2 Bulls in a China Shop podcast. His trading strategies include futures, swing and options trades, with a focus on chart analysis. He began his journey to becoming a full-time trader with an investment mindset and the goal of early retirement from his career. I hope you find it a bit of fun. We all have to laugh at our mistakes. It’s better than crying.

Kyle is a self-employed trader, and co-host of the 2 Bulls in a China Shop podcast. His trading strategies include futures, swing and options trades, with a focus on chart analysis. He began his journey to becoming a full-time trader with an investment mindset and the goal of early retirement from his career.

Kyle started his career in the US Navy, excelling in the academically demanding Naval Nuclear Power School program. He served his remaining years in the Navy as a submariner, with the job of electrician.

When his service was completed, Kyle transitioned to the steel industry, where he maintained the electrical and automation systems used in steel manufacturing. Due to his work in this industry, Kyle is a big proponent of trade schools and other programs that get young people into trades that pay well and are in high demand.

Very early in adulthood, while serving in the Navy, Kyle developed a plan for early retirement, with the goal of retiring before the age of 40. He began and maintained long-term investments, created passive income with rental properties, and maintained a debt-free lifestyle.

Kyle had dabbled in stock trading, but had more of an investment mindset. In 2020, with lockdowns and more time on their hands, Kyle and his lifelong friend, Dan Leeson, started becoming more interested in active trading. They started talking daily about the trades they had made, what they were interested in, what they had learned, and what they had lost. They are both naturally self-deprecating, and as they laughed at their failures, they wondered whether anyone else would be interested in what they were doing, so they started a podcast to talk about it. The podcast opened doors to people, communities, and learning opportunities that changed everything. Kyle discovered his true passion in trading, learning, and the communities that he joined and helped create.

In July 2021, Kyle retired from the steel industry to become a self-employed trader and podcaster. He reached his goal of retirement before the age of 40, and though he is now working harder than ever, he is able to do the thing he is most passionate about, and that is truly an achievement.

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Chloe (1s):

Stocks for Beginners. Phil Muscatello and Fin Pods are authorized reps of MoneySherpa. The information in this podcast is general in nature and doesn't take into account your personal situation.

Kyle (12s):

When you talk about trust, the the, what I was thinking of was like how often we get money advice from people who aren't qualified to give it to us. There's a lot of people that when they get a financial planner, they go to their friends for recommendations, but their friends don't know anymore than they do. Just, do you like the guy? Yeah. Okay. I'll trust him. That that's the, that's the amount of research that people do. It's, it's kind of insane to me, but I mean, it's just speaks to our ignorance. I mean, like, I wasn't too far removed from making mistakes like that. Probably much, much more recent than 15 years in my case. Yeah.

Phil (47s):

Hi, and welcome back to Stocks for Beginners. I'm Phil Muscatello. This episode is a little departure from normal transmission. I was inexplicably invited back to the two bulls in a China shop microphone. I love these guys. This is one of their after dark episodes where we eventually talk about investing. Kyle Hedman is a self-employed trader and co-host of the Two Bulls in a China shop podcast. His trading strategies include futures swing and options trades, with a focus on chart analysis. He began his journey to becoming a full-time trader with an investment mindset and the goal of early retirement from his career. I hope you find it a bit of fun. We all have to laugh at our mistakes. It's better than crying.

Phil (1m 28s):

Take it away. Cole.

Kyle (1m 31s):

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the China Shop. Joining me today is the Phil Philanthropic and fastidious Phil Muscatello host of shares, stocks, and ETS for beginners and self-appointed fifth most popular podcast guest on 2 Bulls history. And that's three separate podcasts. By the way, if you'd like to learn more about Phil, make sure you check out his website@sharesforbeginners.com. Or you can just load up one of those three podcasts I mentioned. We'll have links for all that in the episode description, and if you wanna reach out with any suggestions, corrections, or questions for future guests, you can do that via email at two bulls@financialandaptitude.com or join our free Discord server, or a bunch of amazing people gather to share our struggles and lessons learned with other like-minded market aficionados.

Kyle (2m 16s):

So said. We'll have all those links in the episode description so you can peruse them at your convenience. And then now without any further ado, let's, let's check in with Phil. How you doing today, bud?

Phil (2m 24s):

Always good. As I like to say, it's, I'm going downhill. One ski, no poles situation normal.

Kyle (2m 32s):

Is there a lot of skiing in Australia?

Phil (2m 34s):

There is, yeah. But only in one particular part there. We've got these mountains down the south that people go to, but a lot of people go to New Zealand because the skiing apparently is a awesome there. I don't ski.

Kyle (2m 45s):

I never thought a New Zealand is being a touristy spot either. I thought there was way more sheep there than anything else.

Phil (2m 51s):

Oh, no, no. It's an incredible place to go to. Really?

Kyle (2m 53s):


Phil (2m 53s):

Yeah. It's a beau, absolutely beautiful country with glaciers and kind of Swiss style mountain lodges and things like that. And no, it's wonderful.

Kyle (3m 5s):

Australia's always been on my wishlist of places I want to go visit. I wanted to live there at one point, but you know, you get married and somebody has kids in the US and suddenly you can't just leave the States anymore.

Phil (3m 17s):

Yeah, you get stuck there. But if, well please come to Sydney and I'll show you the real Sydney. Oh really? You might get just, you'll get the tourist stuff, but I can show you the real stuff as well, which is, I

Kyle (3m 28s):

Don't know if I can hang with Australians anymore. I think maybe 10 years ago I might have been a lot better suited.

Phil (3m 34s):

Wow. Don't worry, we, we don't drink as much as you think.

Kyle (3m 38s):

No. Okay. Okay. Fair.

Phil (3m 39s):

We just like to create that impression.

Kyle (3m 41s):

What'd you do last night?

Phil (3m 43s):

Well, no, I didn't drink that much. I did trivia at the Bald Rock Hotel.

Kyle (3m 48s):

Oh, I love trivia.

Phil (3m 49s):

Yeah. Yeah. Well, we've been going, there's a group of us have been growing, going for a well, well over 10 years now. And

Kyle (3m 55s):

Has everything kind of gotten back to normal for you guys after Covid?

Phil (3m 59s):

Oh, I think it was pretty normal most of the time. I know everyone in America's got this idea that we were like a prison here in Australia. But let me tell you, here in Sydney there was lockdowns and so forth. But you know, there was always ways around it. I mean, that local pub that I was at last night had a, they did takeaways and there was a park nearby the pub. And during the lockdown we were just going and getting takeaway beers hanging in the park, overlooking the harbor and drinking. And someone, some wag said, you know, well, you know, we were right when we were 15 years old. Drinking outdoors is the way to do it.

Kyle (4m 36s):

I know, right? Much better ambience. I bet that was actually a lot of fun.

Phil (4m 41s):

Yeah, it was great fun. It was absolutely great fun. So yeah, don't worry about us down here. Down on.

Kyle (4m 48s):

So what else have you been up to since we last checked? I think we, I think we looked it up before we started. You said it was what? August of 22. So

Phil (4m 56s):

That's the last time we spoke. Yeah. Yeah. So most people, it's about a year. People wouldn't remember, but, well, a lot of what I've been doing is laying back in a warm and comfortable tubul bathtub soaking in the vibe. So I'd have something to talk about to you with you, Kyle.

Kyle (5m 13s):

I'm a shower guy personally. I do like a good bath every now and then though.

Phil (5m 17s):

Yeah, yeah. No, well, well one of the things that happened was of course we were interacting on Twitter and having on Twitter, and I had one of my recent posts go viral, well, as viral as any of my posts have ever gone. I think I got 5,000 views. Oh, wow. It was that. Well, yeah, yeah, because I follow, I love history and I was following this medievalist and she posts significant saints days, you know, from ancient Anglo-Saxon Saints. And she said she did the St. Dunston, one of the great saints of Anglo Saxon England, who died in 9 88, a multi-talented archbishop statesman musician, metal worker and devil fighter.

Phil (5m 60s):

And so I just retweeted and said, I wish this was on my LinkedIn bio.

Kyle (6m 6s):

Oh, yeah, I saw that. I couldn't help myself. I thought you were just talking about the wording. So you know what I did as I, I looked up your LinkedIn profile. I know. Punched,

Phil (6m 13s):

Thank you very much. Yeah,

Kyle (6m 15s):

I put into a chat G P T, and I just said, make this sound medieval. That's all I did.

Phil (6m 20s):

And then you did the one about you guys being gun slingers.

Kyle (6m 23s):

Yeah, that one was, oh, I've actually kind of, I was tempted to switch mine over for that. Maybe just for the month. See how it goes.

Phil (6m 31s):

See if you get any more engagement. But how

Kyle (6m 33s):

Impressive is chat G p t?

Phil (6m 35s):

It is impressive. I've been doing, actually, I shouldn't have announced it here live, but I've been using it quite a bit for writing blog posts. It's not so much for, for letting it write for you, but just giving you some bulk to work on to edit Yes. You know? Yeah. And put it in your own voice. It, it,

Kyle (6m 52s):

That, I think that's how it, I think that's how it works the best is when you have like, like your version, you stick it in and say, make this look better.

Phil (7m 2s):

It just

Kyle (7m 2s):

Spits out a polished version with footnotes and Yeah.

Phil (7m 5s):

Or if, if, if you just wanna need some headline headlines or some, you know, quick bullet points, things like that. It's great for doing it. And, but it's, it's definitely not my kind of language. It's not the language that I would normally use. No,

Kyle (7m 16s):

You don't use a lot of veles and shit.

Phil (7m 21s):

Oh yeah. It, it does. But it's always like, you know, they'll start a sentence on the other hand. Right. You gotta get rid of all of that interstitial shit. Well,

Kyle (7m 30s):

I mean, who knew? Chat G P T didn't wanna be so non, oh, what's the word?

Phil (7m 35s):

Using the passive voice.

Kyle (7m 36s):

Yes. The

Phil (7m 37s):

US linguists.

Kyle (7m 38s):

Thank you. That's it. Yes. You're not supposed to do that when you're, when you're writing blog posts.

Phil (7m 43s):

That's right. But I, listen, I just wanted to get back to that Twitter thread that went viral as a piece of social media marketing. It was absolutely, totally useless because I, you think, oh, you know, I got plenty of retweets and likes and everything, but I don't think there's a Venn diagram that actually shows any overlap between the Fin Twit Community Financial Twitter, and the Medievalist Twitter community. Because the people that were retweeting and liking it were librarians, historians and medievalists. Right. So yeah, that's the kind of search. See, but

Kyle (8m 18s):

That's how I do

Phil (8m 19s):

Social media marketing. That's

Kyle (8m 21s):

How I do mine too, though. I mean, I don't know. I can't get behind the, I can't do anything that I genuinely don't find interesting or funny, you know what I mean? Hmm. Like I have to stay kind of true to myself to not feel slimy when I'm posting on Twitter. Hmm.

Phil (8m 36s):

It's, I think it's someone, someone described Twitter to me. It's like LinkedIn as the conference and Twitter as the bar afterwards. Once you accept that.

Kyle (8m 47s):

Yeah. It seems reasonable. So what's fin twit in that equation then?

Phil (8m 52s):

Fin Twit is just a wonderful, lovely, supportive, humorous. I mean, I get so many laughs outta Finit. You know, John W. Rich, Greg? Do you know Greg

Kyle (9m 2s):

Uhuh? Uhuh?

Phil (9m 3s):

Oh, you gotta follow Greg. One of the highlights of Twitter finit. I stay off

Kyle (9m 8s):

Of that one. I thought I, I've heard it was as bad as Wall Street bets.

Phil (9m 12s):

No, no, you've just got

Kyle (9m 14s):


Phil (9m 14s):

It's about curating your feed, basically. Ah, yeah.

Kyle (9m 18s):

What was the name?

Phil (9m 19s):


Kyle (9m 20s):

Just Greg. Okay. You just gotta follow Greg on Fin twice. He's

Phil (9m 25s):

Famous now. Yeah, yeah. That's right.

Kyle (9m 28s):


Phil (9m 29s):

Hang on a sec. Let, lemme just see if I can find, he's handling and Elon follows him now as well. They've become, has

Kyle (9m 35s):

Elon completely lost his mind?

Phil (9m 37s):

Oh no, I don't think so. I think, did you

Kyle (9m 39s):

See his?

Phil (9m 40s):

No, Greg is, hang on, Greg. This is his profile. I'm Greg. I like football and stocks and my birthday. I'm from Kentucky. I'm a investor. I like to golf at the golf course.

Kyle (9m 54s):

Oh God. I love Greg. Yes. I want more Greg. Yeah.

Phil (9m 58s):

Do you think, do you think Elon's losing it? I, I don't mind. I'm enjoying the whole journey. I've gotta say.

Kyle (10m 4s):

Well, I mean, when he went all, the last thing I saw him on the headlines for was claiming that work for remote work was immoral. And I feel like that that argument is such a stretch.

Phil (10m 17s):

There's so many things that he says, I know. Sorry, go on. Go on. Yeah.

Kyle (10m 20s):

But when he also is, when he's coming at it from the point of view is somebody who owns a large ev company that's trying to convince people to not stay home and drive to work. Yeah. Like that. Just, there's something that seems a little off about that.

Phil (10m 34s):

Yeah. Oh no, there's plenty of things. And the way he manipulates the share price as well, all of that. Yeah. Yeah. There's, but then on the other hand, I mean, he's a mad genius, let's face it. But

Kyle (10m 46s):

Is he though, or is it just like, what was the show? Have you watched that Station or Avenue five on HBO Max?

Phil (10m 54s):

No, no, that's that HBO Max comes on a cable network here in Australia, which I don't pay for.

Kyle (11m 0s):

Okay. Yeah. I'm trying to think like the, the main, like business CEO or guy who owns the whole spaceship in that whole show is just a complete nutter moron. But he tells people to do things and thinks he's smart because he tells people to do it and they go do it. I feel like Elon's some of the same of that.

Phil (11m 19s):

What's, what's the name of the show?

Kyle (11m 21s):

Avenue five, I think it is Scott Laurie in it. It's actually a pretty good show. Only had a couple seasons.

Phil (11m 26s):

Yeah. Hugh Laurie who everyone thinks is American until he opens his mouth and they realize he is English.

Kyle (11m 32s):

Oh, well that's cuz they didn't watch Steven Fry.

Phil (11m 35s):

That's right. A little

Kyle (11m 36s):

Bit of Laurie.

Phil (11m 37s):

Yeah. Yeah. You seem to like, you seem to like a lot of the English comedy I've heard you mentioning, oh, some other things in Qi you mentioned as well that enjoying that

Kyle (11m 45s):

Show. Love Qi Taskmaster with Greg Davies and Al Little Alex Horn.

Phil (11m 51s):

Yeah. Yeah.

Kyle (11m 54s):

What was the other, oh wow. Would I lie to you? I've been getting into that one recently too with David Mitchell.

Phil (11m 57s):

Would I lie to you? That's amazing. That's such a great show, isn't it? It's, it's one of my favorites. And the the interesting thing is, I heard an interview, a podcast interview with Paul McCartney who mentioned that that's his favorite show and he thinks Lee Mack is a genius. And then on the same podcast they had Lee Mack on as well, talking about how it felt to be discussed that way by Paul McCartney.

Kyle (12m 22s):

What did Lee say?

Phil (12m 26s):

He, he found it strange. I mean, you know what he's like, he, he, on this podcast, he was actually a lot more serious than you'd expect him to be. Really? Yeah. He's very spiritual guy. He is a Buddhist, very highly educated. But he, he was just talking about how he can't understand how anyone else is not getting the, the jokes around him or not creating the jokes. His mind is working so fast that it's like he's going at, you know, relativistic speed against anyone else.

Kyle (12m 55s):

I've felt like that occasionally. I've made a few jokes that don't land because they're just a little bit too little too in the weeds.

Phil (13m 3s):

That's right. Oh, don't we all? I know, but you've gotta try a joke, don't you? I,

Kyle (13m 8s):

I mean, if it makes me laugh, that's my only, that's the only thing I ever care about. In fact, I actually love it when a joke misses completely. And you have that awkward moment of like looking at someone waiting for their reaction that you don't get it. Oh, I don't know. There's something that I kind of like about that. Yeah.

Phil (13m 23s):

Well I get that with my wife all the time, you know?

Kyle (13m 25s):

Oh, I do to her. She's

Phil (13m 26s):

Heard that one. Yeah. Although a couple of weeks ago I told a joke and she, she laughed so much at it. And why haven't you ever told me that one before? Oh, I'd forgotten. I knew it.

Kyle (13m 39s):

How long have you been married?

Phil (13m 41s):

We got married in 2009, 14 years. Oh

Kyle (13m 43s):

Dang. Yeah,

Phil (13m 45s):

We got married initially.

Kyle (13m 46s):

We just at 10 this year.

Phil (13m 47s):

Wow. Congratulations.

Kyle (13m 48s):

Yeah. Thank you. We, neither of us even know when our anniversary is. I think one of our kids text us every now and then, let us know.

Phil (13m 57s):

Incurable romantics, obviously.

Kyle (13m 59s):

Right? It's never been big on dates. Hmm.

Phil (14m 3s):


Kyle (14m 3s):

That's weird. Plus like, it's lucky for me that we get along so well because you know, we both work from home now, so we see each other constantly.

Phil (14m 11s):

Same here, basically. Yeah. We both work from home.

Kyle (14m 14s):

Did I tell you I was in the military.

Phil (14m 16s):

You did? Yeah. No, and because this is one I wanted getting to the military theme, I wanted to talk about Eric Linsky and I was gonna ask you about your military. Before

Kyle (14m 24s):

We do that real quick, I just wanted to say something about relationships in the military.

Phil (14m 29s):

Okay. Yep. Yep. Okay. So yeah, relationships in the military.

Kyle (14m 33s):

Yeah. So because you're constantly going on deployment a lot, the divorce rate when people get out of the military actually skyrockets because you're not used to like being around the person that you've married for the last 20 years. Like constantly.

Phil (14m 46s):

Hmm. Yeah. Oh, well I could well imagine. Like,

Kyle (14m 48s):

You almost have to completely live, like learn how to live together again. Well

Phil (14m 52s):

That's part of the theme of that American sniper book and movie, isn't it? Oh, you know,

Kyle (14m 57s):

I don't know that I've seen that. Is that,

Phil (14m 59s):

Oh haven't you? Yeah. Well, yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Kyle (15m 2s):

All right. I've seen it pop up, but I just haven't picked it up Anyway, sorry, what were saying about Eric. Yeah,

Phil (15m 7s):

Eric Linsky. It just comes. Yes. Because he's been a guest on my podcast and well, and I listen to an episode with Eric on yours and what a guy, isn't he a great fun guy? Sort of humble, I mean, you know, he goes and buys McLarens, not Lambos. Apparently

Kyle (15m 26s):

He does, but I mean, I don't know. He's doing it the way he's not doing it in a flashy way, which is kind of cool to see. Like he's just enjoying the fruits of his labors and that's kind of the name of the game, right?

Phil (15m 38s):

Yeah, that's right. But he's, he's enjoying the fruits of his labor and he is trying to teach it and talk about it. And he is talking about trading, but he doesn't ignore the fact that the, the best investing strategy for the majority of people is to get dollar cost average over a long period of time in a low cost Yes. Etf. You know, he doesn't really ignore that side of things, which a lot of traders seem to be, or people who are selling trading systems

Kyle (16m 7s):

Oh yes.

Phil (16m 7s):

Seem to be overlooking.

Kyle (16m 9s):

Yeah. They, they talk about how quickly you can make thousands of dollars with no money down and how you're gonna be, you know, dump trucks of cash will be backing up to your house. And all you have to do is, is work for five minutes every, every three days and, and you'll be set for life. Yeah. No, no, he, yeah. Yeah. He's very honest about like what actually goes into what he does and what you have to do in order to be able to mimic it. And it's refreshing to hear somebody take that kind of honest approach. Right.

Phil (16m 40s):

That's right. And it's also about that military discipline. I mean, he's a marine or he is an ex-marine. Yeah. And you know, you think about the kind of training that those guys go through and the discipline they have and that they bring into their lives as well. And I don't know about you. Makes me feel like an underachiever, you know?

Kyle (16m 59s):

Well, it makes it even worse for me cuz I was in the Navy, which is not the, I guess they call Well cuz we always joke with the Marines and say that they're a branch of the Navy and they say they're the men's department and that's actually pretty true. If you look at his, you combine his experience to my experience like that discipline and all that other stuff that he, he talks about like, yeah, I wet the Navy route in submarines specifically, so that wouldn't be as much of an issue. Cause things are a lot more lax when you're just locked up underwater for three months.

Phil (17m 29s):

Yeah. But how do, how do you find, I mean you, you obviously you're getting him on as a regular these days. Yeah,

Kyle (17m 36s):

Yeah. You're enjoying talking. Yeah,

Phil (17m 38s):

Yeah. The Wednesday show, he's, he's great, isn't he? And it's not like that discipline is really what traders need, isn't it? It's not, yeah. It's not something that you can, he was talking about flexibility, wasn't it? Or adaptability.

Kyle (17m 53s):

Adaptability and Yes.

Phil (17m 55s):

Yeah. When you're trading, you come up with this idea, you work out this analysis that you think and you've back tested it and then you, it's gonna work and it might work. I think you were talking about it might work for three months or something, then suddenly it stops working suddenly

Kyle (18m 9s):

Something changes. Yep.

Phil (18m 10s):

Yeah. Something changes. And it's about the adaptability, it's about approaching it like a military op operation. It's about cutting your losses, which is something I want to talk about. Cut your losses. Cut your losses. Cut your

Kyle (18m 23s):


Phil (18m 24s):

The market's gonna be open here in about half an hour and I need to cut some losses today already.

Kyle (18m 30s):

Oh no.

Phil (18m 31s):

Yeah. Well, but having that discipline. Yeah,

Kyle (18m 34s):

I was gonna say, you should feel really special that Eric agreed to do your show cuz he is extremely selective about the people that he collaborates with.

Phil (18m 43s):

Oh really? Oh, that's nice to hear. Yes. But we got on very well. I,

Kyle (18m 46s):

He says a no to a full lot of people.

Phil (18m 48s):

Yeah. Yeah. I think maybe he's got some warm and moist feelings towards Australia, having spent time in Australia on some military operations as well.

Kyle (18m 59s):

Oh, when did you talk though? I, I think I missed that episode.

Phil (19m 2s):

It was a while ago now. Oh. Did you wanna find out when I spoke to him?

Kyle (19m 7s):

Well, cuz they, I wanna go listen to it since we're done.

Phil (19m 10s):

Well it's on Stocks for beginners.

Kyle (19m 12s):

Stocks for beginners. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'll, I'll link that one in the episode description. People like Eric around here too.

Phil (19m 17s):

Yeah, he's a man. He's a great guy. I love, love his attitude. We would've done it around about February.

Kyle (19m 24s):

Yeah. What'd you guys talk about?

Phil (19m 26s):

We talked about discipline trading. Yeah. I'll have to think about that again. You know what it's like. You talked to so many people. I, what did you talk about? We talked about stocks. I like stocks. Do

Kyle (19m 40s):

You, how often do you find yourself when you're like, just finished editing an episode and you gotta write the episode description, trying to remember what the fuck you just talked about.

Phil (19m 50s):

No, but I always get an output of trans transcript, so I'm working from the transcript all the time. Yeah. Oh, I

Kyle (19m 56s):

Quit doing that. I should probably go back to that. That might make it a lot easier. Hmm.

Phil (19m 59s):

Yeah it does. And I think Zencaster, which we're on now will spit out a

Kyle (20m 3s):

Transcript. It does automatically. Yeah. Although I think I'd canceled that subscription cuz we weren't using it anymore. Oh, right.

Phil (20m 10s):

Oh, you, you're not recording an mp3 not web format, are you?

Kyle (20m 14s):

This should be in wave. We might've switched mp3 just to make it easier. I don't remember. Just

Phil (20m 18s):

Teasing. Just

Kyle (20m 20s):

Yeah, that's right. You were an audio file, aren't you?

Phil (20m 23s):

No, well I'm an audio engineer that's, I mean, I still do audio recordings as my, I'm not sure if it's a side hustle, main hustle or what at the moment, you know? Right,

Kyle (20m 31s):


Phil (20m 33s):

It's straight after this interview. I've gotta edit some, oh, I've recorded some messages in some indigenous aboriginal languages from Western Australia, which is an interesting project. Yeah,

Kyle (20m 47s):

Okay. I know this is supposed to be a trading stock market podcast, but I wanna know more about that. Really.

Phil (20m 52s):

You do, right? Do you wanna hear? Yeah, I do. Yeah.

Kyle (20m 54s):

What's, is this like a documentation thing, like trying to make sure that you capture these sounds before it's gone or

Phil (21m 1s):

No, no, no. These are government messages that are going to remote communities. They're often health messages sponsored by the WA government or the federal government. This particular one's about hearing, going to get hearing checked. I, I mean, I kind of fell into this space about 30 years ago where I record voiceovers in many languages. So like this week for example, I've been recording Qantas inflight messages in about eight languages, you know, when you get on the plane. Okay. And you get that safety video and you

Kyle (21m 35s):

Can gap

Phil (21m 36s):

Yeah, yeah,

Kyle (21m 37s):

Yeah. How the seatbelts work pull, yeah.

Phil (21m 39s):

This is where the exits are and all of that. Yeah. And I've been recording that in languages. And then it's also morphed into doing Australian aboriginal languages. And we record in about 22 different languages.

Kyle (21m 52s):


Phil (21m 53s):

Wow. And yeah. So

Kyle (21m 56s):

Do you speak 22 different languages or do you

Phil (21m 59s):

No, no, I'm just, I'm, no, no, no, no. There's an expert, although I've been learning quite a bit of Oh, Which is because mar is like the people and Wonka is language, so you know, this is the language of the people is that language. So it's funny because when I'm listening to the audio now, there's a couple of words when I think, oh, that's where the word message is, you know, or talking is Ah,

Kyle (22m 25s):

Yeah. Yeah. That's something I enjoyed a lot in high school when we were doing through Latin, like learning like the Latin word roots of, of all the, the English words that we used, like the history of like how a word came to be. I always found fascinating. The etymology I think is the word, right?

Phil (22m 42s):

That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Actually there's a great, one of my favorite podcasts is the History of English podcast, which I think the guy started it in 2013 and thought he'd maybe get a year's worth of episodes out of it. And it's still going. And we've only just done Shakespeare.

Kyle (22m 59s):

Oh, Jesus.

Phil (22m 60s):

Yeah. Oh, it's great. I love that

Kyle (23m 1s):

English is such a crazy language. Like, I remember listening to someone talk about this concept, which, like if you, the the tweet actually kind of ties us up nicely that you were talking about earlier, like trying to sound like you're from the nine eighties and if you actually saw what English looked like from that time period, you would not be able to read it. But

Phil (23m 22s):

That's right. Yeah.

Kyle (23m 23s):

Other languages don't have nearly as much change as they,

Phil (23m 27s):

They're much pure.

Kyle (23m 29s):

Yeah, yeah. They've been, they've been consistent for longer. Cuz I guess they don't have a history of being conquered like England dad for centuries.

Phil (23m 36s):

Well, do you know about proto Indo-European?

Kyle (23m 39s):

Proto Indo Europe? No,

Phil (23m 42s):

Just about every language in Europe, apart from Finnish and Hungarian come from the same language family. Really. And they also relate to Sanskrit and the Hindi language in India. Really? And they've all got the same roots. Yeah. Yeah. And apparently it's, I I, I'm no historian here, but apparently it's to do with the development of the chariot and the chariot meant that the people who had the chariots were able to spirit spread their language far and wide.